CNC esztergálás


The main profile of our company is medium and large series CNC machining. Our CNC lathes are also equipped with a driven tool, so the finished or semi-finished products can be single or multi-axis, which can include milling, cutting, flattening and boring. We can do this in one setup.

The quality of the material can be almost any: tool steel, acid-resistant, aluminium, copper, hardened steel, even plastic. CNC turning operations are carried out with maximum efficiency and quality. With our CNC controlled, automated machines, we can produce cost-effectively.

Our aim is to keep our customers coming back and build a long-term relationship with them.

We currently have 15 machines to serve the needs of our customers. The machines are operated and programmed by our experienced staff. Thanks to our flexibility and short delivery times, we have many satisfied customers.

Assembly and packaging

We also carry out assembly and packaging operations to provide a complex service to meet customer requirements. The satisfaction of our partners is our top priority.

We carry out riveting, tapping, screwdriving and assembly operations with special purpose machines according to your requirements, including the assembly of complex parts with multiple components.

Finished or semi-finished products are packed and properly prepared for shipment. The assembly operations of the quality-controlled parts we manufacture are carried out by our well-trained and professional staff. We also carry out semi-finished or finished assembly of parts supplied by our customers.

Kész termék szerelése

Our company’s ISO 9001:2015 processes ensure a high level of quality for our partners. We carry out functional tests, measurements and mould inspections according to customer requirements.

We support our environmental responsibility with ISO 14001.